May 27

BlueQuartz Awarded Multi-Year DREAM3D Development Funding

BlueQuartz Software has been awarded 3 year contract to continue development of DREAM3D through the US Air Force Research Laboratory located at Wright-Patterson AFB. The focus areas of the development are to further enable the use of DREAM3D to assist in the characterization of Air Force specific materials and to enhance current Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) methods with a greater understanding of the internal structure of materials.

‚ÄčThe Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) group at AFRL would like to develop a suite of computer software tools that bring together a wide range of data formats, testing algorithms and analysis techniques and integrate those new tools into an existing software framework called DREAM3D that was developed under AFRL contract FA8650-07-D-5800. In addition to the new software tools the NDE model data will need to be verified by a destructive technique called serial sectioning which will be performed on the AFRL serial sectioning system referred to as LEROY. DREAM3D will need to be upgraded with additional capabilities in the domain of data acquisition, command and control and analysis algorithms in order to be able to interpret and analyze the data being generated from the LEROY system in real time. Finally software algorithms will be developed and integrated into DEAM3D that can quantify differences between the NDE model of the data and the destructive evaluation collected data. All of these tools together will give the AFRL personnel new capability to validate NDE models from real data allowing possible revisions to current thinking of NDE models.