Jun 13

BlueQuartz Software Awarded Multi-Year DREAM3D Funding

The Digital Representation Environment for Analysis of Materials in 3Dimensions (DREAM3D) developed under AFRL contract FA8650-07-D-5800 is a software framework for the archiving and analyzing of three-dimensional (3D) materials data. In addition to this capability, DREAM3D can also allow a user to generate synthetic microstructures for use in various modeling, simulation and other studies that require a large number of 3D microstructure data sets. DREAM3D has evolved into an extensible system that is currently being used worldwide in academia, commercial and government laboratories.

There are three tasks to be accomplished toward achieving the objectives of this program. Task 1 is concerned with developing software modules that allow import and export of model data to and from DREAM3D. In Task 2, software modules are the focus that provides the ability to manipulate, segment and quantify process model data. The aim of Task 3 is to design and develop data structures that allow analysis of process modeling information and data.