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3D Data Set Fusion Software Development

Summary: This project's goals are to further integrate technologies and codes developed during the DARPA/ONR D3D program.

  • Registration of individual 2-D experimental slices, using cross- correlation methods and mutual information/image entropy methods; operational versions of these routines exist, but they are written in an interpreted language and they need to be written in a higher level language, with a simple user interface.
  • Implementation of the above routines for multi-modal data sets, i.e., data sets in which the data is acquired by two or more detectors, each with its own resolution and digitization grid.
  • Implementation of a stochastic segmentation algorithm (Expectation Maximization/Maximization of Posterior Marginals or EM/MPM for short) for the automated segmentation of Ti-based microstructural data sets

Code Availability: Currently, code will need to be cleared with the US Air Force Office of Public Affairs. When that is complete the source code will be posted to the BlueQuartz Gitorious Server [[link needed]].