BlueQuartz Software

Specializing in Software Tools for the Scientist

Current Projects:
DREAM3D Developed by AFRL and BlueQuartz Software

Past Projects:
Software Integration Technologies Developed by D3D Teams and the AFRL
Electronic Imaging for Microscopy: Segmentation Tools
3D Data Set Fusion and Software Development
Electronic Imaging for Microscopy: Tomography Tools
• Software Tools for Multi-Scale Representation of Ni-based Superalloy Microstructure
• Image Processing Workflow for RoboMet Images
• H5RoboMet
• Carbon-Foam Image Reconstruction
• Nano-Silicate Visualization
• ParaDiS (See this link for explanation)
• Phasefield Time Evolution
• Phasefield + CAVE

Open Source Projects:

Most of the above projects have been released as open-source projects. Please see each project’s page for more details to obtain the source code.