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Client: U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory - Wright-Patterson AFB.

Project: Software Tools for Multi-Scale Representation of Ni-based Superalloy Microstructure
Summary: This project collected various next-generation image processing filters into easy to use Graphical User Interface based applications from the existing command line versions and MATLAB versions. The Qt software framework was used to quickly create cross platform applications for deployment onto the client's computing systems. CMake was used for project management and generation of platform dependent build system while Git was employed for source code management and revision control.
Tools: C++, CMake, ITK, HDF5, MATLAB, Git
Deployment Systems: Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.
Code Availability: Current code is being reviewed by the US Air Force office of Public Affairs.

Project: Image Processing Workflow for RoboMet Images
Summary: A collection of applications were developed to aid researchers at the US Air Force Research Laboratory process large numbers of images acquired through the RoboMet.3D instrument. The primary functions of the applications included alignment of individual tiles within each slice, alignment of stitched mosaics, removal of relative rotation of each mosaic, segmentation of images into binary or ternary images and export of fully registered and segmented stacks of images.
Tools: C++, CMake, ITK, HDF5, Git
Deployment Systems: Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.
Code Availability: Current code and data has been release under US Air Force case numbers 88ABW-2009-5022 and 88ABW-2009-5021

Project: H5RoboMet
Summary: Implemented a custom program to convert data from bitmap format into the HDF5 file format. Data was initially collected from a RoboMet.3D instrument into individual bitmap files with meta data stored as external xml files. A plugin was also written for ParaView to read either the entire volume of images or selected sub-volumes based on input from the user.
Tools: C++, CMake, ParaView, HDF5
Deployment Systems: Windows XP (primarily) with support for Mac OS X and Linux.
Screen Shot: H5RoboMet ParaView 3 Plugin Screen Shot

Project: Carbon-Foam Image Reconstruction
Summary: Created a custom application to process stacks of images obtained from a CCD camera that needed to be aligned, segmented and then 3D reconstructed. Custom tools were also written to correct portions of the generated 3D surface mesh in order to feed to final data into an FEM analysis.
Tools: Qt, VTK, CMake, C++
Deployment Systems: Windows XP and Mac OS X.
Screen Shot: Carbon Foam Screen Shot

Project: Nano-Silicate Visualization
Summary: Using C++ techniques an ITK based Image processing pipeline was developed to extract out areas of interest from the data set. A plugin for ParaView was then written to perform a custom analysis on the data and save that data to an external data file. The workflow can be seen in the cover of Macro-Molecules.
Tools: ITK, ParaView, CMake, C++
Deployment Systems: Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Project: ParaDiS (See this link for explanation)
Summary: Extended current ParaDiS code base to use HDF5 to store results. Implemented plugins for ParaView to read, filter and render simulation results. Created one-off utilities as needed by the project.
Tools: CMake, C++, HDF5, Intel C/C++ Professional Compilers
Deployment Systems: Primarily HPC environments although non-MPI versions were built for Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Project: Phasefield Time Evolution
Summary: Create tools to import computer simulation results into HDF5 based files. After the simulation data was imported further plugins for ParaView were written so that the data could be easily visualized and animated.
Tools: C++, CMake, ParaView, HDF5, Qt
Deployment Systems: Windows XP and Mac OS X. Linux HPC for command line tools.
Screen Shot: PhaseField Plugin Screen Shot

Project: Phasefield + CAVE
Summary: Convert existing 3D surface mesh of Phasefield data into compatible file formats in order to render the data sets within the confines of a DoD CAVE system.
Tools: C++, OpenFlight APIs, HDF5, VTK
Deployment Systems: Windows XP in CAVE