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BlueQuartz Software specializes in the development and integration of microstructure-oriented computational tools and services for the materials science and engineering community. Our tools are distributed via the highly versatile, DREAM.3D analysis and quantification application. DREAM.3D is built on top of the SIMPL software framework, a general spatio-temporal information management and analysis architecture. SIMPL opens pathways to a diverse set of application opportunities. Our tools give the user flexibility to build, apply and track analysis routines.

BlueQuartz Software employs both dedicated software engineers, and materials science and engineering experts, to quickly and efficiently bring advanced computational tools to the practicing engineer and researcher. By making DREAM.3D available under a permissive open-source license, BlueQuartz Software has lowered one barrier to entry, helping materials professionals worldwide readily meet their analysis needs. Our codes and libraries are the foundation for data quantification and analysis used over wide-ranging applications including imaging, diffraction data, materials model building, non-destructive evaluation, and additive manufacturing, to name a few. Let us be your software developers and the repository for your materials analysis tools.